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Major General (Rtd) Dato Haji Fauzi Bin Hussain

Major General (Rtd) Dato Haji Fauzi Bin Hussain is popularly known for his fairness and sharing spirit. Whether serving his duty in the Malaysian Army or the Royal Malaysian Air Force or in the corporate world, his principle in life is always noticeable and well respect. He performs what he commits and he delivered what he promise. He never believes to receive or expect the best, but he always emphasizes in doing the best.

Being a born believer in the spirit of sharing, Dato Haji Fauzi experienced very smooth sail in his life because when you shares, you get more in return. Sharing will makes other happy and this happiness will brings joy and light to your life.

Graduated from the Command and Staff College of Indonesia and the Joint Services Staff College of Australia, Mej Jen (Rtd) Dato' Haji Fauzi Bin Hussain held various position in the command and staff appointment in the Malaysia Army and the Malaysian Air Force since 1960. Retired as Deputy Chief of the Malaysian Air Force in November 1994, he was the Joint-Chairman of the planning and execution committee of air exercises with Thailand and Indonesia and was also involved in the training and operations along the border of Malaysia and Thailand .

Dato Haji Fauzi also attended management training courses in the South Korea and the United State of America . Combining Asian management culture with the Western management skill, Dato Haji Fauzi had demonstrated his unique leadership in corporate management that quickly earned him with good reputation and respect.

Dato Haji Fauzi was formerly on the Board of Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (The Malaysia Army Foundation) and Armitage Shanks Berhad. Currently, he sits on the Board of Directors of several public listed companies with the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE) that are as follow:

· British America Tobacco (Malaysia) Berhad
· Atis Corp Berhad
· South Peninsular Industries Berhad
· MCM Technologies Berhad
· Rediffussion Berhad

Except for Atis Crop Berhad, where Dato Haji Fauzi serves as Chairman, he is Director in all the aforesaid public listed companies. Placing his spirit in sharing as top most priority, the chairmanship of Dato Haji Fauzi has transformed Atis Corp Berhad from being a traditional order-taking supplier to a high value added provider of industrial solutions. Blessed with his unique leadership, Atis Corp Berhad is with nothing short of impressive track record since 1996 as it manages to double its growth every three years. Atis Corp Berhad is now the largest industrial supplier in Malaysia .

Transferring his leadership skill to LeRoy International Sdn Bhd, our Chairman, Dato Haji Fauzi shall lead the Company smooth sail the journey to success. Aiming to be another "largest" in Malaysia , Dato Haji Fauzi has positioned LeRoy International Sdn Bhd away from the others to attain unique leadership in the Network Marketing industry. His spirit in sharing took a stronger footing in LeRoy International Sdn Bhd to provide greater opportunity on total financial freedom and total wellness.

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